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Management Consultation

TRYNAMEKS management consultants can help your organization effectively accomplish your strategic vision by ensuring careful formulation, effective & efficient implementation, and continuous evaluation of strategy and performance. We can ensure that your company's strategic management integrates various organizational functions and processes into a cohesive, broad based strategy. We can help your company establish a process that links the various functions and strategic initiatives in a dynamic and interactive manner - responsive to your organization's changing environment.


Trynameks is able to provide an array of operational analytical reports based on available data points in your system. Our specialization in database management and reporting software (i.e. Microsoft Excel, Business Objects, Crystal reports, etc) allows us to understand data structure, gather data in an efficient manner and produce various reports for our clients. Some of the commonly used analytical reports by our clients focus on Performance analysis, Production analysis, Cost analysis, Revenue analysis, Yield analysis, Inventory analysis.

Adaptive Technology

TRYNAMEKS Adaptive Technology Division carries a large selection of adaptive products for people with visual, hearing and/or physical impairment.

Computer Technology

Computer Technology Division provides nationwide comprehensive computer and networking products and services through a global network of leading brands and operations.


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence division brings the utmost value to our clients’ core performance compared to any other services we provide.  Business Intelligence division focuses on reporting, process analytics, data mining, process mining, complex event evaluation, business performance management, benchmarking, text mining, predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics for our clients. Such through business intelligence allows our clients to manage their business more effectively on a day to day basis. The information allows our clients to evaluate historical & recent performance and focus on corrective measures for future. It also allows our clients to project future performance with better accuracy and establish better budgeting programs in place.