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Management Consultation Division

TRYNAMEKS help your company develop and implement broad systematic management planning that is best suited for your organization. The entire process includes developing, monitoring, and reviewing business plans, strategic plans, work plans, corporate plans, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) plans, Ethnic Affairs Policy Statements (EAPS) and agreements, energy and waste management plans and other long-term organizational strategies. Furthermore, we help your organization initiate continuous improvement processes, quality assurance and certification plans.

Computer Technology Division

TRYNAMEKS Computer Technology Division carries over 50,000 computer products from over 1,500 name brand manufacturers. Our knowledgeable sales team will configure the perfect system to fit your specific needs. We offer Pre-Sales & Post-Sales Support to help you decide on the right technology for your business. We also offer Custom Built systems that fit your current technology environment. In addition, we provide necessary assistance in preparing proposals at client's request. Our quick response practice at TRYNAMEKS makes us one of the most preferred sources for technology products.

Business Intelligence Division

Business Intelligence division brings the utmost value to our clients’ core performance compared to any other services we provide.  Business Intelligence division focuses on reporting, process analytics, data mining, process mining, complex event evaluation, business performance management, benchmarking, text mining, predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics for our clients. Such extensive business intelligence allows our clients to manage their business more effectively on a day to day basis. The information allows our clients to evaluate historical & recent performance and focus on corrective measures for future. It also allows our clients to project future performance with better accuracy and establish better budgeting programs in place.

Adaptive Technology Division

TRYNAMEKS Adaptive Technology Division works with the goal to provide our valuable clients with world-class adaptive technology. We empower the Macintosh and PC users with visual, hearing and/or physical impairment to gain full access to industry standard technology at any location. Our knowledgeable sales team will help you decide on the product that fits your specific need. As one of the foremost providers of adaptive technology, TRYNAMEKS strives to bring innovative products that meet our clients evolving needs. We practice continuous improvement through customer care, customer expectations and customer suggestions.

  1. TRYNAMEKS staff receives regular extensive training to keep them updated with the most recent technology and news in their respective fields. We value our customer and our customer expectations. At TRYNAMEKS, we work with a diverse client base, where our knowledgeable trained staff is always ready to help any client with various technology aspects of his or her business. Our diverse staff group can also help our Spanish speaking clients with all the necessary help that they may need.

  1. We also offer On-Site Consultation, when needed. We offer extended service agreement to reduce support and repair hassle on your part. We also offer extended warranty coverage on many of our product lines. Our Client Partner program gives you the additional safety and security you may need in case of an emergency. Our 24-hour ordering system makes it easy for all of our clients to place an order at their convenience. In addition to our regular delivery services, we offer nation wide Next-Day delivery for your convenience. Our Rush Order service will let you order the products you need at your own time and the products will be delivered to your desired location immediately. Same-Day delivery service is also available to many areas to meet our customers' expectations. We provide our clients with special promotional reports that allow them to take advantage of the promotional pricing available from TRYNAMEKS and/or manufacturers. This program keeps our clients aware of rebates and/or instant discount pricing that may be available on various computer technology or office supply products.

  1. We take every precaution to keep our costs low. In order to do so, we stock minimum avoiding huge warehouse expenses. We suggest written inquiry, written order placement & written order verification in order to avoid mistakes and misunderstanding. We use extensive screening process when selecting vendors to ensure inclusion of only the certified industry leaders in technology. This also helps in avoiding unnecessary product inspection before shipment, but we still employ Random Quality Check System to make sure our clients are receiving the quality product and the right value.

    Large Selection, Wide variety, Name Brand Products, Quality Checking, Continuous Development, Competitive Pricing, Reliable Shipping, Knowledgeable Staff, Dedicated Sales Consultant and emphasis on Customer Care. What more can you ask for!

Our Mission

  1. We are a premium management & technology solutions provider.

  2. We provide easy access to information and services anytime, anywhere and create intelligence throughout the business supply chains for our clients.

  3. Where we are going: Grow and pursue a leadership position as a provider of management & technology solutions for business.


  1. Become a prominent management & information technology service provider for business.



  1. Build and strengthen a strong customer relationship

  2. Exceed client expectations for quality and value

  3. We value integrity & fairness

  4. We practice honesty; reliability, diversity, recognition & safety

  5. We conduct business with the highest ethical standards & mutual respect

  6. We encourage teamwork, productivity, invention, innovation & continuous improvement

  7. We ensure quality, client satisfaction, shareholder interest, market leadership & free enterprise